Are your reader glasses your best friend?  
Are you tired of peering at those tiny black and white pictures
in printed patterns?  
Are you poised to create a trunk for your Lexie and Jenny,
using the new pattern that you've just ordered?  
Then this page is for you!
The following images
will assist you
in figuring out how to make
Lexie and Jenny's
old-fashioned wardrobe trunk,
where they can hang up
their favourite costumes,
put away their accessories,
& even go along for the ride!
1. Diagram for cutting art card
2. Cutting the card
3. Making the cuts
4. Scoring from the back
5. The pieces-
cut, numbered and sanded
6. Webbing is fused to fabric
7. Fusing fabric to art board
8. Trimming fused fabric
to fit card
9. Trimming drawer side
with fabric folded over it
11. Drawer gluing
14. So far, so good!
10. Gluing box pieces
12.End of drawer
13. Shelf and support gluing
17. Zig zag gluing
15. Book paper gluing
16. Book paper corner
21.Outside of handle
18.  First two long strips
and horizontal trim
19. Horizontal trim
meets ribbon
20. The hinge
22. Inside of handle
23. Mirror
24. Hanger, step one
25. Hanger, step two
26. Hanger, step three
27. Hangers, step four
28. Hanger mass-production gizmo
The completed
trunk, outside...
...and inside!
And finally, a variation,
featuring Jenny!