Patterns to fit Lexie and Jenny!

Now you can create five wonderful costumes,
a whole wardrobe of shoes
a sleepover set that includes nighties, slippers, a teddy & bedding,
and a wardrobe trunk,
all designed especially for Lexie and Jenny- details below.
This pattern will show you how to make
a whole collection of costumes for Lexie & Jenny!
From a basic dress to a sundress,
from a sailor dress to a dressy, garden party dress,
your Lexie & Jenny  will be ready for any occasion,
and you will have a wonderful time
creating their new costumes!
Jenny goes to a Sleepover at Lexie’s
Lexie & Jenny Costumes
This pattern will show you how to make
everything Lexie and Jenny need for a sleepover!
From the mattress, pillows, sheets and comforter
for Lexie’s bunkbeds*, to nighties, slippers
and even a teddy bear,
your Lexie & Jenny  
will be all set for the best sleepover ever!
*Bunkbeds are Strombecker,
from the 1950s,
and are used for
display only.
Lexie & Jenny
Shoes, shoes, shoes!
This pattern will show you how to make
a whole collection of shoes!
From Maryjanes to lace-ups,
from center-ties to t-straps and even sandals,
Lexie & Jenny agree-
a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes!
Lexie and Jenny's
Wardrobe Trunk
Patterns are $15 each or any three for $30
plus $2 shipping.  
To order patterns, please e-mail
Payment can be made by US cheque,
money order or Paypal.
This pattern will show you
how to make
an old-fashioned wardrobe trunk,
where Lexie and Jenny can
hang up their favourite costumes,
put away their accessories,
& even go along for the ride!
If you have ordered the trunk pattern
& would like to have larger images to
assist with its construction,
click here!
Lexie & Jenny
by NIADA artist Heather Maciak
2007 & 2008
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