Lexie & Jenny
Blue Velvet Lexie was created as a
Show Special for IDEX 2008, and was
limited to
an edition of  only 10 dolls.
(Her costume included a blue velvet
coat and matching felt hat.)
Alice in Wonderland,
with the White Rabbit as her companion
and a gardening hat
to protect her lovely complexion,
was created for Happily Ever After
in a limited edition of 25 sets.
"Let's Play at the Beach"
was the theme of a special event at UFDC's
Region 14 Convention in May 2008 in Albany, NY.  
Lexie was a limited edition of 40 dolls.  
Her companion, Jenny,
was a limited edition of only 20 dolls.  

(The sandals on the dolls were red, and not the
white shown in this image of the  prototype dolls.  
Both dolls wore sunbonnets.)
Lexie Goes to a Tea Party
was a special edition presented
at the UFDC National Convention
in Las Vegas, Nevada July 2008
Limited to 50 dolls.
"Let's Play School with Jenny & Lexie"
for the The Buffalo Regional Doll Club
Luncheon~ September 2008 Buffalo, NY
Limited to l20 Jennys & 40 Lexies
"Springtime at Quiet Waters"
was created for
The Chesapeake Doll Club Luncheon
April 2008 in Annapolis, Maryland

(The costume included a bonnet and
pantalettes.  Two extra outfits were
offered- a pink striped sailor dress and a
peach plaid jumper & blouse combination)
"Little Red Riding Hood"
was created for Susan Scribner's
Little Princess Frocks, in a limited edition of
only 25 dolls, and was unveiled at a special
Little Red Riding Hood Weekend at Cape Cod,
September 2008.
Lexie and Jenny have been created in three basic styles~ "Basic
Lexie and Jenny" for Jo's Doll Shoppe in 2007,
"Pastel Lexie & Jenny" for Jo's Doll Shoppe in 2008, and
"Forget-Me-Not Lexie & Jenny" for Little Princess Frocks in
2008.  Each doll was a limited edition of 25.
“Lexie Goes to Annapolis”
was created especially
for Dollmasters
of Annapolis, Maryland,
in 2009,
and was limited
to only l2 dolls.
Lexie & Jenny Special Editions
by NIADA artist Heather Maciak
"Just Like Me!"
Jenny & Lexie
& their new little dollies
were created especially
for the jennyandlexie
Yahoo club in 2009,
& were a limited edition
of 35 dolls each.
Three new storybook special editions
were created in 2009.
"Tea Party at Nana's House"
(some of these dolls
had long, straight hair)
Ltd ed 25 total
"Just Alice" ltd ed 25
"Brave Little Red"
(and a few Jennys,
sometimes referred to as
"Not so Brave Little Red")
Ltd ed 25 total
(Lexie's braids were tied
together in the back with
a white ribbon)
"Anne of Green Gables" was created in 2009 for
Susan Scribner's Little Princess Frocks,
in a limited edition of 25 dolls,
and included her carpet bag with nightgown,
her favorite poem, "The Lady of Shalott",
and her beautiful dress
with the puffiest puffed sleeves in the world!
This was the last special edition offered.
This little Bride & Bridesmaid
were created for
"The Wedding of the Painted Doll",
a Luncheon at the
UFDC National Convention in
2007. The Bride was limited to 150
dolls, while the Bridesmaid was a
limited edition of 50 dolls.   
Alexander, the Groom, was created
in a limited edition of 30 dolls,
as a complement to the set.
Over the years, Lexie and Jenny were created
in a number of special small editions:  
see the images and descriptions below!
A set of smocked
party dresses were created
in shades of peach and
green, as extras for the
"Just Like Me" dolls
and their dollies.