Heather Maciak
My first experience
with manufactured dolls
was with Richard Simmons'
Collection of the Masters in 2000.  
Together, we created Emily Anne's
with best friends Emily Anne
and Rebecca Jane.
Both Emily Anne and Rebecca Jane succeeded in the end,
though, as Rebecca Jane's face was used for
the 2002 NIADA Conference souvenir.  
Glory! became the symbol of triumph over terrorism,
as members and friends of NIADA
travelled to Washington DC on the July 4th weekend, 2002.  
During the banquet
on the first evening,
attendees were presented
with a tiny doll
buggy and a beautiful coat and hat
created by Boneka.  
Scottie's companion
was a tiny all-bisque doll,
created to resemble a doll carried
by the real Scottie Fitzgerald
in a photograph.
That's all, Folks!
Sally Louise made her debut as a
special luncheon souvenir at the
2005 UFDC National Convention
in Philadelphia.  She came with a
dress-up hat, shawl, necklace and
her mother's mules, along with a
coat rack and wooden base.  
"Peter in Blueberryland" written by
Swedish author Elsa Beskow in 1901,
was Rosemarie's suggestion for an event,
and together, we designed the costuming for Peter,
his companion the Cranberry Girl, and their friend,
the Blueberry Boy.  The Blueberry Boy was a
one-of-a-kind doll, presented as a door prize, but his
costumes were sold at the event, along with extra
Cranberry Girl costumes.
Lexie & Jenny were created in 2007,
and the era of my 7" souvenir dolls
came to a close.  
Here's a comparison picture of Sally
Louise next to Jenny.
About the
In the
Lexie & Jenny

Earlier Manufactured Dolls
Meanwhile, Emily Anne became
the daughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald
& the convention souvenir for
"This Side of Paradise"
UFDC's Region 5 Convention
in Minneapolis in 2005
Poor Emily Anne and Rebecca Jane arrived in the United States just
as the California Dockworkers' Strike started.  
They languished there for four long months,during which time Goebel, Richard's
partner,decided that it was no longer interested in the doll business,
and the dolls were consequently sold to the Home Shopping Network.  
A few of them were also sold through Theriault's at low prices~
an inauspicious beginning to my manufacturing career!