Soon after they were created,
collectors began to discover
Lexie & Jenny...

...and here's some of what what they had to say!
There is no reason I
SHOULD buy these dolls, I
just want to. They were the
freshest, most delightful
things I saw at IDEX this
year. I don't collect porcelain
dolls nor am I collecting
small dolls, BUT I can't resist
these little girls anymore.  
Just a quick note to let you know I
got my "Lexie and Jenny" yesterday
and they are lovely!  I am thrilled
with them and am so glad to have
them in my collection. --Jennie
There is something about them I am
drawn to. I am not a big doll
collector, I only know what I like and
these are darling. They are calling
to me.
Boneka adds to them too and I think
is matched perfectly- they just go
Jenny and Lexie are just perfect!  I love them to
bits, and I'm so glad I didn't choose just one of
them.  If I had, I'd surely be getting the other after
seeing the first!  They wanted me to take their
picture with their new puppy friend, Rosebud, who
was anxiously waiting their arrival.  The little felt
jacket/vest and hats are precious, but seemed a
little warm for today, so they took them off.  I can't
wait to sew something for them.    
--Karen from Mally McCoy     ------------------
Lexie Playtime arrived safe and
sound in all her sweet glory and is
absolutely beautiful.  Thank you SO
Lexie and Jenny are wonderful - I
love everything about them. The
faces are precious - what marvelous
expressions.  I think they are
planning great mischief.     --Sally  

Lexie is beautiful.  Her outfit
looks even nicer in person and I
love the decorative stitching on
the back of her vest. I love her
hair.  I think she's an amazing
value.  --Robin  
I had this book once as a kid
- still have it but there are
missing - the glue sort of
disappeared - the title is
Ramona the Pest. This is
what I imagine she would
look like........
Ramona is now watching
over me as I work.  
--Claudia of Boneka
The girls each have such personalities ... Lexie is insistent that I find red material to make
her all red clothes - Jenny keeps looking for the perfect dotted swiss.  
Jo Flitton of Jo’s Doll Shoppe  
For more of Jo's costumes,
made especially for Lexie and
Jenny, click here!  
Your dolls arrived today.
We are thrilled ! They really are
wonderful and I’m sure they will
be very successful with our
collectors. Bravo!!!!!  
Samy Odin of Le Musée
Poupée, Paris

Little Jenny has come home to live with me. I received her just
in time for Mother's Day. What a delight she is! I just love her.
She has such a sweet little face. I can't sew, but I do knit. I think
this summer my knitting needles will get a workout.  She has a
trunk to fill with clothing and toys, & furniture for her bedroom.
She will be spoiled. Thank you so much for designing her.  I
wanted that one very special doll to enjoy and knit for.  I think
little Jenny is going to fit that bill quite nicely.  I am sure it won't
be too long before Lexie will join her.  Again, thank you for
making my Mother's Day so special. Now to fill that trunk with
little outfits.  --Jean  
Guess who came to the Calgary
Doll Clubs' Victorian Tea Party?  
We each brought our own tea
cup & saucer ..... So did
Lexie!!!!!  We were so happy she
didn't spill any tea on her lovely
Just to let you know that the dolls
arrived yesterday and they are
wonderful, better than I remember.
I just love them. Thanks so much.  
Nancy Joyner of Second Chance
All the little Lexie and Jenny
arrived today!! Much
excitement here welcoming
them all!
Thank you so much!!
Susan Scribner
of Little Princess Frocks
The box from you arrived- what
excitement opening the little white
boxes. First came Lexie, who has
absolutely won my heart and is
making me say silly baby things to
her like how cute she is and how I
love her so....and then, Jenny!  
She is incredibly appealing!  It is
impossible for me to tell you I like
one better than the other, for they
are both so fine.
Really, I am so happy for you -
Lynn Murray of TLC Doll Shoppe
Lexie and Jenny have
arrived safely. They are just
precious. They are
now dressed in the
beautiful dresses that Jo
from Jo’s Doll Shoppe
lovingly made and look
so darling.  Thank you so
much. Beth
Jenny arrived today,
and she is
Your dolls are WONDERFUL.  
Really, I am quite taken with them. --Sue
Basic Lexie and
Jenny arrived on
Monday, and
they're beautiful!
They're absolutely
wonderful, and so
are the clothes you
made for them, Jo.
I thank you!  Robin
Lexie Ship Ahoy and
Jenny Anchors Aweigh
arrived safely today.
I love them- thank you.
...and this is what the shops are saying: